Sep 21


Important Update on our Crypto Deposits

From: Franklin Peters on behalf of the entire Bitfxt Technology team.

To: All Bitfxt Users

Subject: Update on our crypto deposits

Date: 21st September, 2020.


Dear traders, 

We have been experiencing host issues which were caused by the deposit API of some coins on our exchange.

In order to permanently fix this issue, we will temporarily disable “crypto function” for our DEPOSIT server. We will be re-writing the deposit codes which will make deposits faster and more efficient without causing HOST ERRORS.

This process may take up to 8 business days so while work is in progress, you can do the following:

  1. Deposit and trade with Fiat (NGN)

  2. Trade with your current crypto balance

  3. Send and receive crypto p2p with other bitfxt  registered users

  4. Sell your crypto and withdraw fiat.

NOTE:  If you happen to deposit crypto into your wallet during this period, it will stay hanging until we finish fixing the issue.

We understand how inconvenient this situation may be for you but we assure you that we have got your back and we will do our best to finish before the said time.

Best regards,

Franklin Peter - Odoemenam

CEO, Bitfxt Technology Ltd. 

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