Sep 29


Important update on our TATCOIN withdrawals

Hello traders,

As the month comes to an end, we will love to appreciate your patience, patronage and support through the month of September.

Though we experienced some technical issues in the beginning of the month, we did our very best to restore and keep our services stable and flexible, and we will keep working on improving our services to give you the best in the coming months.

Regarding the issue of TATCOIN, in a bid to find a permanent solution, we had to limit the maximum amount that can be withdrawn per month, while we keep repurchasing from other exchanges in order to process withdrawals. This approach has proven ineffective at the long term as we have once again run out of TAT as well as cash to continue repurchasing.

On this note, TAT withdrawals have once again been made offline while we work on other means to pacify the situation. At the moment, you can deposit, trade, stake and internally transfer TAT p2p to other users within Bitfxt until we are able to process withdrawals to external wallets. We once again plead for your patience and support while we work on a permanent solution for this situation. 

Finally, we will be doubling our focus on transitioning to a semi-decentralized or fully decentralized exchange as the case may be. We have launched our DEFi token (BitDEFi) which will be powering our DEX ecosystem.

Once again, we are glad to have you in our community and as a trader on our exchange. We will keep doing our best to provide you premium services.

Best Regards,

Franklin Peters

CEO, Bitfxt Technology. 





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