Sep 30


TATCOIN staking now available on Bitfxt

Staking stands for storing cryptocurrencies by locking coins in your wallet for the sake of earning interest. Commission you will be rewarded with depends on how much and how long you are staking. The longer the length of time and the bigger the amount, the higher your returns! To know more about staking and other coins you can stake on Bitfxt, visit this webpage.


Staking for Tatcoin (TAT) begins today. Earn 1% ROI monthly when you stake your TATCOIN tokens on Bitfxt exchange. 
Minimum: 100 TAT
Maximum: 20,000 TAT
12% APY


What are you waiting for? Login now and begin staking your TATS. Remember, staking is a means of earning for being a token holder. If you have no trading experience, staking is a good way to earn just for buying and holding. For a list of frequently asked questions about staking, this blog should answer your questions. Take a look

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