Oct 09


PRESS RELEASE: Ztranzit (ZTNZ) IEO begins on Bitfxt Exchange

Ztranzit (ZTNZ) IEO begins on Bitfxt Exchange. 

Our Goal Is To Provide Earning Opportunities to Millions Of People Worldwide Using Blockchain Technology - Ztranzit.


Created by ai_Delivery, Ztranzit is a startup logistics company with a vision to provide earning opportunities to millions across the globe, especially those in the developing countries. Using blockchain technology, we aim to disrupt the logistic and courier industry world wide to facilitate seamless cross-border payments and innovating a Peer to Peer delivery system using a world class App that connects or matches delivery requests to anyone available to deliver such requests and earn money. Also giving travelers the opportunity to take up delivery requests from one geographical location to another, not to mention store keepers, traders,eateries making home deliveries to whoever wants what anywhere. 


About ZTNZ

Ztranzit token (ZTNZ) Is a Utility  token created on the TRON Blockchain to facilitate global payment on ai_Delivery app and other gaming applications. Like the rest of blockchain assets, the ZTNZ coin has its own value and is easily transferable like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin,Trx,etc. It is easily convertible to fiat currency as per the requirements of the buyer and seller. 


Benefits of buying ZTNZ

  1. Security: ZTNZ is a safe and secure medium of exchange that is not controlled by any central body. 

  2. Anonimity: Tron protocol on which ZTNZ token is built on, is a technology that strongly supports anonymity and cannot be traced to a particular person. 

  3. Speed: ZTNZ token is developed on a blockchain that handles two thousand transactions per second which makes it one of the fastest means of payment. 

  4. Wallets: Apart from the Ztranzit and ai_Delivery wallet, ZTNZ can be stored as an asset on multiple platforms that support Tron. Available on iOS and Android. 


Accordingly, we are unveiling a few details of the IEO

  • Token name: Ztranzit (ZTNZ) 

  • Contract Type:          TRC20 

  • Token Environment:  Tron Network

  • Contract Address: TH1pMQU856owNz8HgRa2gWmGTwSb8XXMkF

  • Total supply:            3,000,000 

  • IEO price:                $0.40 

  • IEO discount:         10% to all buyers 

  • Acceptable currency: BTC, ETH and NGN

  • Minimum amount to purchase:  100 ZTNZ 

  • Total circulating supply: 1,600,000 

  • Total locked for 2 years and above: 1,400,00

Official website: Visit

IEO link: Participate

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Contact: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Email. 

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Moving Forward

First and foremost we would like to give a big shoutout to all of our community supporters and a warm welcome to all new Ztranzit users joining us! Our community continues to be one of our fundamental pillars in which we’ll continue to foster vigorously!.

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