Sep 30


Cryptocurrency trading made easy with Bitfxt Exchange

Bitfxt is pleased to announce that after many months of intense work, strategizing and test sessions, the new UI of her exchange is finally available! As Africa's leading cryptocurrency exchange, the core values which we hold dear to heart include creativity, innovation and excellence. This means that we are constantly formulating new ways to help our users enjoy maximum comfort while using the Bitfxt platform. While the old UI was good, we sought to produce a better platform with maximum security, and comfort. We also sought to give users the power to decide what they wanted while enjoying a good UI/UX.

The new UI incorporates state of the art technology in ensuring that you have the ultimate user experience, by facilitating very speedy transactions and helping users comfortably navigate the platform irrespective of their level of knowledge of cryptocurrency and trading.

Some of the key features we have added to the new UI include:


Bitfxt is the first exchange in Africa to issue a MasterCard which can be used directly from your cryptocurrency wallet or exchange.  This simply means that you can load your boundlesspay debit card directly from your Bitfxt exchange account. This is a feature which is geared towards solving the problem of cryptocurrency conversion. The boundlesspay MasterCard is works like fiat backed debit cards. With the boundlesspay MasterCard, you can make purchases, pay bills, send and withdraw cash. Say goodbye to middlemen and P2p platforms!


This is a function that allows every user to benefit from profit sharing. This feature employs the use of the Proof of Stake algorithm which requires users to stake a certain amount of their tokens in order to be rewarded. When a user holds a certain amount of cryptocurrency, they would automatically receive coins as reward for staking. The reward process will be rotated every thirty days and the amount of coins a user needs to hold in order to participate will be announced soon.  So, focus on holding as much coins as you can!


At Bitfxt, we hold the concept of decentralization close to heart and understand that your opinion counts. You can now vote your favorite project and coins to be listed on the platform. To unlock this feature, you need to have a certain amount of bxt in your account. Charges would be taken out of your bxt and when votes for a coin reaches a certain threshold, it would be listed.


This feature allows different coins and projects to run an Initial Exchange Offering on the Bitfxt platform. We vet and investigate the team and check out their track record and make our findings on their plans, goals and objectives. We check if they have a community and if they have already implemented their plans. This is to confirm that the project is viable and not a scam the sad truth is that the cryptocurrency community is full of a lot of projects which are solely created to profit at the expense of the people who buy the coins. The ICO/IEO saga of 2017 attests to that fact. We are remodeling Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) in the space to show the world that they can be done with noble intentions. At Bitfxt, we understand that users are usually bad end of the equation and we seek to ensure maximum security for your investments so that you don't get your fingers burned.


The API feature enables users to use our exchange or code to fetch information.  They can also integrate the wallet system and build applications using our API. This feature is specifically for developers.


This feature allows you to see the status of coins that are listed on the Bitfxt exchange. Am online status would indicate that all extra features are available for a certain coin. While an offline feature would indicate that one or more features are unavailable.


This enables you to record information about any coin listed on our platform. It provides you the basic information you need to know about any listed coin in order for you to make wise decisions while trading on the platform.

8) BLOG:

The new UI has a blog which will help users be updated on current activities happening in the exchange, news and press releases.  It also features the latest news in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space


This makes it possible to withdraw fiat with your debit card. It also unlocks features which will otherwise be unavailable to unregistered users.


You can now get email and SMS notifications. This is very important for security as you will get notified via email and SMS whenever a login is initiated on your account.  This notification will contain the location, IP address and login time. You can also enable 2FA and OTP authentication in order to make your account even more secure. If a login is recorded in your account and it wasn't you, you have the option to contact support or change your password immediately. Once the intruder tries to log into your account about ten times, the account gets locked temporarily. This is in order to keep your funds safe and secure.


You can now chat with other users to exchange ideas and information. We understand the concept of community is very important and hence would love to facilitate our users fostering communications which lead to long lasting friendships.


Now you can earn amazing rewards when you bring your friends on board!  It's pretty simple!  You share your referral link to your friends; they register and you earn a premium on whatever they trade as a referral commission.

With such amazing features highlighted, we hope that you enjoy using our brand-new UI. We appreciate your patience in the previous months and promise to work even harder to make sure you keep enjoying amazing services and upgrades. Thank you for choosing bitfxt, Africa's leading cryptocurrency exchange.

About Bitfxt: Bitfxt is one of the best digital currency companies in the world. with a team of over 60 technology and finance experts, operating across several countries and continents. Our products and services make it safe and easy for people and businesses to store, buy, use and learn about digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our vision is to empower billions of people by bringing digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to everyone, everywhere.


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