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Career opportunities in the Blockchain Industry

In recent years,  the world has experienced the rise of new technology, with the evolution of revolutionary blockchain technology. This blockchain technology has useful application in several sectors both in the public and private sector like healthcare, real estate, education, logistics and supply chain and marketing. The adoption of this technology is increasing drastically across many industries as it provides immutability, transparency and trust.

Blockchain is considered as an indication for the next industrial revolution. It is a growing industry and people with necessary skills are in high demand.  Before thinking about pursuing a career in Blockchain technology, one should know the basics of Blockchain technology and have experience in the following areas:

1. Programming

The need to learn at least one programming language is very important if one is passionate about pursuing a career in blockchain. One can take time to research classes that are available online. A degree in computer science can also help.

2 Cryptography

Learning cryptography will put you above others in the blockchain job market as security is considered very important in running a successful blockchain business. Blockchain companies will pay a lot of money to ensure that no one hacks into their system . Knowledge of cryptography and programming will enable you become a blockchain expert.

3) Blockchain semantics

A course in blockchain semantics will help you become familiar with the technical terms used in the blockchain industry. Taking courses about blockchain technology will help you get information which is not available in articles and blogs. These courses can be found online and they better your chances of getting a job in the industry.

 Once you are armed with with the necessary knowledge required for a career in blockchain technology, you can now choose what area of specialty you would like to work in or what career you want. The following are careers which are available in the blockchain industry:


Blockchain developers have a lot of opportunities in the industry. Many companies need blockchain developers to build them blockchain platforms to provide better services and optimize their businesses. To be a blockchain developer, one needs to possess good analytical skills and understand the end to end system application of the blockchain technology. One also needs to learn how to set up nodes, process blockchain transactions and trigger smart contract functions. Some of the required skills for the developers are Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio, .NET, MVC , AJAX, SQL, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Node.js, JQuery, SOAP, REST, FTP, HTML, XML, XSLT, XCOD, Neural-networks, Regression , Agile Scrum, and MYSQL.


A quality engineer is in charge of all areas that need quality control. They are responsible for overseeing all the areas of quality in the development process which may include automation framework testing, manual testing. Generally,  a quality engineer will need to research and advise, develop, apply and maintain quality standard, define and implement strategies This profession mainly deals in QA, planning, and delivery of complex Blockchain projects and meeting QA standards.


Blockchain companies need designers to create websites or portals that inform their customers about their their products and services. Designers have communication skills and knowledge about web design and marketing. Designers also possess knowledge of what a good blockchain website needs and they  come up with great interfaces which are user friendly. Designers are usually skilled in the UX development, Sketch, PS, and Figma and create mobile friendly websites.


As more blockchain companies are created, there is little information about very important areas of running the business such as registration and taxing. This is because at this point, the industry is highly unregulated.Blockchain legal consultants help their clients sort out  various legal aspects of their business and  also provide them the help they need in this uncharted territory.


Blockchain project managers manage and facilitate projects. They are responsible for translating the need of the companies into technical terms that can be discussed with developers and other stakeholders of the project. They are also tasked with proper planning and execution of the Blockchain project.

Careers in blockchain technology are already gaining widespread popularity especially as top companies like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, JP Morgan, are hiring Blockchain professionals in huge numbers to fill in new positions as they explore the possibilities of incorporating the technology. To  get started on your way to a career in blockchain technology make sure you have all the necessary education and skills needed.  Employers also value candidates with soft skills, such as communication, creativity, technical writting and problem-solving, and who are entrepreneurial, self-motivated, and team players.



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