Nov 08


Cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

Before now, Traditional transactions have been something that must either be done between two or more people within the same locality or would have to bring in the third person who would serve as umpire.


This is largely true due to the complex nature of the human mind. We are naturally programmed to behave in diverse manners and as a wise man one said "There is Unity in Diversity"


The World's financial industry have experienced a gigantic leap for traditional means of transactions to the digital ecosystem, this particularly is the major reason for inter-country and intercontinental trades.


Cryptocurrencies have introduced a new way to interact in the financial market, imagine an ecosystem where everybody is his/her own bank? This is not just solving the problem caused by the geographically placed traditional markets, but also bringing forth a new means to bank the unbanked.


Since the inception of blockchain technology and it's powering funding systems- cryptocurrencies, the whole world has experienced a gigantic move in the way the financial industry is operated.


With the advent of cryptocurrencies, individuals can send and receive money to/fro their families and friends anywhere in the world. The cryptocurrency ecosystem have brought about seamless financial transactions across border.


The only challenge with this new the icing financial economy is adoption. This is what Bitfxt Technology seeks to solve.


With the Introduction of our Innovative product, Boundlesspay, users can now seamlessly convert their Crytocurrencies to fiat and vice verse. Boundlesspay is a revolutionary technology for the future- A future of localized blockchain adoption. Boundlesspay can be utilized globally, hence making Bitfxt the first Blockchain Company to launch a crypto based Credit Card in Africa.


Also, Ripple has gone ahead to sign partnership deals with the World Largest Financial Brands, Moneygram and Finastra. This is an innovative move to allow for global adoption of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies as a means of Payment.



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