Nov 08


Watford FC joins bitcoin Adoption in a partnership with a Crypto company.

Watford FC has announced that their New Jersey will be having the bitcoin logo on the side sleeve.


This is a move to educate sports lovers about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


Sportsbet, the Official Shirt Sponsor of Watford FC, and a cryptocurrency based sports betting platform brought about this innovative ideology to enable the mass awareness for bitcoin, to encourage fans all over the world to actively participate in the blockchain ecosystem and to boost acceptance of Sportsbet platform. Supported currencies on sportsbet are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and other fiat currencies.



The News has been heralded by several block chain supporters as an innovative move towards global adoption of the blockchain technology.


Sportsbet team on an interview said they plan to "Dispel the common myths and lack of understanding surrounding the cryptocurrency ecosystem" and At the same time be the first non-traditional Sports betting platform to fully adopt the use of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.


What do you think about Wattfords new Jersey, do you think it will bring more awareness to cryptocurrencies or it will lead to less adoption? You can send us a reply through any of our social media platform.


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