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The Boundlesspay Solution

Bitxt is one of the world's leading digital currency companies. With a knack for innovation, our team of both professional technology and finance experts are constantly creating solutions which truly work and our operations span across several countries. We understand the rigorous process a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts have to go through in order to trade, store and spend their cryptocurrency, hence we are solely concerned with making it easy for people to access digital currencies and use them.

In a fast-paced world where the average human has multiple responsibilities to handle, there exists a need for fast paced solutions to be produced. The advent of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology has made it possible for people all over the world to enjoy true decentralization but persistent problems are often encountered in the areas of trading and conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat for everyday transactions and for payment of goods and services. Cryptocurrency adopters, particularly in developing countries are faced with the dilemma of getting buyers for their cryptocurrency and finding trustworthy platforms which would enable them get cash for crypto. Also, cryptocurrency users have often been discouraged by the rapid fluctuations in price, which digital currencies exhibit.

Bitfxt solves these problems by creating valuable services which enhance the lives of people all over the world.  The Bitfxt ecosystem is centered around facilitating cryptocurrency adoption all across countries and social class. Our cryptocurrency - Bxt, reflects our core values as it is backed by real solutions and products which make it relevant not only in our ecosystem, but also in the general cryptocurrency market. Over the short period of time during which we have been in existence, we have made numerous products which are effecting a change in the way a lot of people view cryptocurrency, particularly in Africa. Boundlesspay is one of such products.

Boundlesspay is a project birthed from the passion of its parent company Bitfxt to facilitate cryptocurrency adoption for everyday use. Being the first of its kind in Africa, the boundlesspay project seeks to make everyday transactions easier by providing brilliant, working solutions which afford people the opportunity to be truly boundless. Boundlesspay solves the profound problems cryptocurrency holders experience by creating a platform which enables users make payments for utility bills and services directly from their cryptocurrency wallets.  The boundlesspay app basically turns your phone into a mobile bank. With the app, you have access to a digital wallet which helps you store a wide range of cryptocurrencies without hassle.

In addition to that, boundlesspay provides the first MasterCard solution which enables users send, receive and withdraw fiat across Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) both nationwide and worldwide, using the debit card which is linked to their boundlesspay wallets. This solution is profound as it converts to the currency of the country the user is in and pegs the value of the cryptocurrency in real time. This means that you can buy airtime and data, book your flight tickets and hotel rooms and pay utility bills all on the platform.

The boundlesspay platform also provides competitive transacaction fees and charges, and high security storage for cryptocurrency assets. It also offers API to merchants that allows them accept payments in any cryptocurrency of their choice which can instantly be converted to cash and sent to their local banks.

The whole idea is to enable people around the world be empowered to make transactions in a speedy manner and at the lowest cost possible. Bitfxt understands evolving nature of technology and we are working to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience true freedom and make transactions wherever and whenever. We hold our customers in high esteem and our team of dedicated professionals are constantly working round the clock to ensure you have a delightful experience while using our products. As a company where excellence, creativity, originality and impeccable innovation are our priorities, our passion to produce first class solutions makes us your safest bet.


About Boundlesspay:

BoundlessPay proposes to be the Africa’s first cross-chain interoperable blockchain payment system working on numerous fiat and cryptocurrency options, all within one user experience, giving users a wide array of options without degrading their user experience in traditional commerce. Instantly convert your Bitcoins or Ethereum to spendable Naira & dollar on your boundlesspay debit card powered by MasterCard and Verve. Our Customers can instantly Buy Airtime, Buy Data, Pay Cable TV Bill, Book Flight Tickets, Hotel Rooms and Pay Utility Bills at the comfort of their fingertips with the speed of the blockchain technology.






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