Nov 20


The Rise of Crypto-Fiat Exchange

The ending months of 2019 has brought about an unprecedented increase in the number of cryptocurrency exchanges incorporating the Crypto-fiat exchange features and functionalities on the exchanges as opposed to crypto-crypto swaps.

It is worthy to note that as a revolutionary and innovative company, Bitfxt is and will always be at the fore front of innovation in the crypto space, as we ensure that we move for global adoption by bringing blockchain technology closer to the unbanked.

We have experienced firsthand, the difficulties in conversion of crypto currencies by individuals from less-developed and developing countries, this challenge moved us to develop a worldwide solution in form of a payment platform – BoundlessPay

BoundlessPay Ecosystem is a payment platform that incubates all forms of financial transactions carried out in a typical traditional setting. By incorporating blockchain technology into the daily activities of individuals, we hope to be the guide in showing people the several benefits of blockchain technologies and how these features can change and improve their daily livelihood.

Visit to become part of our growing community of users on the boundlesspay platform enjoying the dividends and benefits of blockchain technology in their daily lives.


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