Oct 02


Independence Day

Nigerians all over the world marked Nigeria's anniversary of her independence amid strestful
holidaying and extravagant celebrations. The country which gained independence from its
colonial masters is in its right aformidable force to reckon within Africa. For years, Nigeria has
prided itself as the giant of Africa. This is evidenced by its rich diversity of cultures amongst its
population of about two hundred million people. Nigeria also has a plethora of natural resources
which serve as a major boost for its economy. These natural resources, such as petroleum, tin, coal, limestone and arable land, as well as it's vibrant human resources make it a center for trade.

In as much as October 1st provides an opportunity to celebrate with pomp, it also affords
Nigerians the opportunity to raise queries about the nation's well-being and what direction it is
headed. Even with natural resources such as petroleum, natural gas, ironore, tin, limestone and
arable land, a lot is left to be desired. Over the previous years, the citizens have raised outcries
in the form of protests and on social media trends against the degree of levity which the
government has used in handling major issues affecting the Nigerian populace. The nation has
been ravaged by corruption, unemployment, insurgency, terrorist attacks, conflicts and most
recently, xenophobic attacks.

A speech given by the President of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari earlier in the day reinforced the
need for Nigerian store main positive, as incoming years, as ignificant number of the issues
ravaging the country will be tackled. He also stressed that the administration is still committed to  achieving economic diversification and the economic growth plan which was implemented in 2017 is in motion.

Bitfxt wishes Nigerians a happy Independence day. We have made it a priority to enable each
Nigerian attain financial freedom and we solve to work even harder to ensure that this is attained. In ensuing months, we guarantee the creation of more efficient solutions for the Nigerian populace and quality service.

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