Dec 06


Crypto Staking now Available on Bitfxt

A Giant Stride For The African Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Space: Bitfxt Exchange Adds Staking Options On Its Platform.

Top tier African Cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfxt, as part of its moves to bring the best trading experience on its platform, has introduced a staking feature, which only a handful of exchanges around the world have achieved this magnificent feat.

What this means in simpler terms is that users don’t have to necessarily engage in direct trading to make more profit (especially those who wish to use the exchange without having the knowledge nor the desire to trade) by placing their preferred token or coin on the exchange into a contract known as “staking.”


With this innovation, Africa (and the world) now have an extra option when it comes to having the best exchange user experience. This news is just coming barely weeks after the same exchange made amazing changes.

From the best IEO launchpad, a remarkable user experience and elegant yet easy to use user interface, to a robust security mechanism and amazing response time among others, the Bitfxt Exchange simply shows why it is simply innovative and the best in Africa.

For now, the staking option will be limited to: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitfxt Token (BXT), Steem (STEEM), Eos (EOS), Dash (DASH) and Bluekey (BKY).

What are you waiting for? Get signed up at today and get started.


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