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Bitfxt technologies launches the first ever cryptocurrency gift card

The crypto space has come a long way in the quest to gain mass adoption over fiat currencies. This has paved the way for the introduction of innovative technologies that have been used in performing various kinds of transactions. The world of technology is expanding and tech companies are not sleeping. 


In harnessing the power of Blockchain, Nigeria's leading tech giant, Bitfxt technologies has on the 3rd of June, 2020, launched the first ever virtual cryptocurrency gift card called B-Card. 


Like traditional gift cards such as the Amazon and iTunes cards, the B-Card is a store of value card that allows the card holder to use it to make purchases. It is pegged to a stable coin which is the Boundless pay coin - BPY. What this means for card holders is that the B-Card is not affected by inflation and volatility. Say, you buy your B-Card at $100, you will redeem it at exactly $100 anytime you are ready to make a purchase. 


Unlike traditional gift cards, the B-Card is presently used to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., on the Bitfxt exchange website. 


Functions and use cases of B-Card 

Just like every other gift card, the B-Card is subject to redemption. This means that in order for a B-Card to be used for any purchase, it must first be redeemed. 


There are three (3) simple steps to redeeming your B-Card which will be extensively explored in this article but first, here's how to own one. 


You can purchase the B-Card from a vendor at an agreed price and then use it to redeem any cryptocurrency of your choice on the Bitfxt exchange according to the value, i.e, USD worth of the B-Card. And just in case you feel giving, you can also send the B-Card to anyone as a gift. 


Now to the 'HOW-TO'

Below are three (3) simple steps to redeeming a B-Card;


Step one:

Send your email address to the vendor you are purchasing from. 

Note that both registered and unregistered members can give their emails. 

After receiving the B-Card, you can then move on to the next step to register and redeem your card. 


Step two:

On receipt of the email, first ensure you are logged in to your Bitfxt exchange account then copy the B-Card code in the mail you received. Next, locate the option, "Click here to redeem your voucher for your preferred currency!". 

You are now one step away from redeeming your card. 



Step three:

A new window should open where you will be required to input your preferred currency and paste your B-Card code. Click "Submit".

Finally, head over to your wallet and view your new balance. 

Note: The B-Card CANNOT be redeemed twice.




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