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Why Bitfxt is focused on enriching Africa through Digital Services

It is a known fact that young entrepreneurs are bringing life-improving innovations to sub-Saharan communities. What Africa needs are innovations backed by homegrown ideas that will improve the lives of Africans. 

On this planet, only one continent is growing faster than all the others in population, and it’s likely to keep growing even faster. Observe the Asian countries and one thing will be clear: When you have a developing region with enough members developing an ecosystem, it generates incredible momentum for investment in that region. Africa is at that point now. Africa’s late arrival to the digital economy comes with certain competitive advantages. It benefits from advances and mistakes already made by Western countries. Its population is younger than that of any other continent. Its marketplace amounts to a new frontier. Its largely untapped labor force presents an appealing prospect for tech-assembly plants. China and India are competing in the electronics market. The reason being that India has so many young people with little to do that they can make things for next to nothing. What other continent can do that? Africa. 

Africa possesses a very large and untapped labour force of young and smart individuals. The population of young entrepreneurs who are focused on digitization, is on a steady increase. New technologies are spreading throughout the region the most popular is one that allows people to buy groceries, clothing, gadgets, machinery and other goods online. The Jumia mobile app is one of these. 

Introducing Bitfxt Technologies Ltd. 

As earlier stated, young entrepreneurs are the ones holding the key to the development of Africa. Bitfxt Technologies Ltd. has as its CEO, a young, talented visionary who has the potential to lift Africa from the bottom of the digital world to the top. Mr. Franklin Peters has proved over and over again that digital products and services can enrich Africa. The release of the BPAY Card is one proof and the recent launch of the B-Card is another proof that Africa is ready to roll with the tech industry as one of the best. It is on this front that Bitfxt technologies was built. 

Bitfxt Technologies X Blockchain Technology

A business and technology journalist, Rakesh Sharma, once said, "Africa is rarely mentioned among the largest markets for cryptocurrency, but it may be set to steal a march over other markets". Mr. Franklin Peters looks to lead Africa in this march.

Cryptocurrency is not limited by geography because it is internet based. Transactions are stored in a database called Blockchain, which is a group of connected computers that record transactions in a ledger in real time.This is why Bitfxt technologies uses Blockchain technology to develop innovative solutions that will resolve the economic and financial issues in Africa. These solutions through constant upgrades will surely earn Africa a seat at the table. 

Take for instance the BPAY Card. It is unlike the Bank Visa or Mastercard that can only be used in the country where it was issued. The BPAY Card, first of all,  is a cryptocurrency card and cryptocurrencies are not regulated by the government. They do not need a middleman or account officer as Bank cards do. Transactions rely on the internet and wherever the card holder is in the world, transactions can be made. A withdrawal of funds directly to cash is possible with a BPAY Card from anywhere in the world as long as your Bitfxt account has funds in it. To get started with Bitfxt, visit our website today. Stay connected as more innovations unfold.



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