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Decentralized Learning for Everyone, Join The Revolution Now!

Education and Learning has been the backbone of every nation, the ability to train the citizens in the ways of new and innovative subject matter has been the driving force to economical development in any economy. BitFxt is an ever innovative and ever growing cryptocurrency exchange with the ideology to become the leading crypto and forex exchange in the world. The innovations we bring are expedient to cause an exponential shift in economic and financial status of our clients, partners and team members alike.

Understanding that we are in an ever-changing world and the rate of information disseminated per time is increasing and the consequences would be that before we know it, what we already knew would become obsolete as it would be toppled by new information and ways of doing things.

Technical Skills of this information age are worth more than the gold and riches of the medieval times, therefore we at bitfxt has decided to go out of our ways to impact these skills on as many people as we can find, utilizing the most innovative learning process ever known to man - Decentralized Learning.

BitFxt Blockchain Course:


Blockchain is a nascent, innovative and ever expanding technology, having a perfect understanding of how it works would not just encourage mass adoption, but also make room for more innovative projects and ideologies, we have taken it upon us to train and equip our students with all required skills to become blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, starting from blockchain education, cryptocurrency training and trading, to project development and deployment.

About Bitfxt:

Bitfxt is one of the best digital currency companies in the world. with a team of over 60 technology and finance experts, operating across several countries and continents. Our products and services make it safe and easy for people and businesses to store, buy, use and learn about digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our vision is to empower billions of people by bringing digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to everyone, everywhere.


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