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Coin Listing is a medium for digital asset companies to run their token sales.  Listing is one of the fastest ways to find new users and make a coin go viral. It is capable of bringing millions of dollars if the project is promising, well promoted, and continuously evolving. In this case, choosing the right exchange becomes crucial. Bitfxt Exchange is a reputable platform that has already listed a good number of digital assets including her very own BPY and BXT coins.


What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A Cryptocurrency Exchange or a Digital Currency Exchange (DCE) is an online business platform that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital assets for other assets, such as the traditional fiat money for other digital currencies. A cryptocurrency exchange can be a market maker that typically takes the bid-ask spreads as a transaction commission for its service or, as a matching platform, simply charges fees. 

How to spot a good one

Africa’s tech giant has all it takes to qualify as the exchange of the future. Bitfxt Technologies has good plans for Africa and the world at large. Read this post to find out how Bitfxt aims to enrich Africa through digital services. Also read: how to spot a good exchange to trade your assets.

What Do You Want From An Exchange?

Before you think of listing your coin, ask yourself what you want from an exchange. You should be looking out for an exchange that can provide you with the following:

  • Security: Security beaches and stolen coins can affect all sides of the platform; the users, the asset owners and the exchange platform itself. Users lose their money, projects that are listed have to struggle to find a means of getting the stolen coins back and the exchange loses reputation. Therefore, look out for an exchange that has put in place, strict security measures to ensure the safety of funds.

  • Affordability: Bitfxt likes to keep things affordable for startups and prospective users which helps us list new coins quickly. Keep reading to find out the various methods you can adopt to pay a listing fee on Bitfxt. 

  • Popularity (User-count):  It’s not just about having a brilliant interface, fast transactions and low fee, the number of users in an exchange matters especially for a new coin in the market to be able to gain high traffic and trade volumes that will boost its mass adoption. 

  • Solid Partnerships: Bitfxt is partnered with a number of liquidity providers and Market Makers to make trading experience excellent and yield high trading volumes. 

Every exchange has a criteria you will need to meet before listing your coin. 

The following are Criteria for Listing on Bitfxt Exchange;

1. Must have an active community

2. Must be a real coin on a BLOCKCHAIN

3. Must pay a listing fee based on desired pairs: 

Under this item, there are two options namely; 



Pay Small Small means that coin owners can bank down their payment schedule into several months while the Pay With Native Token option means that coin owners can pay with their own coin. 

How to apply for coin listing on Bitfxt Exchange:

Projects who want to list on Bitfxt need to send an email to: giving basic details such as white paper, official website and token information. This will be followed by a review of authenticity, integrity and contract security of the materials.

Once the above details are sent by the project team, the Bitfxt compliance team will verify the details sent and get back within 7 working days via the same email ID:

Consider listing on Bitfxt Exchange and enjoy Security, Affordability and Huge Trade Volumes.



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