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Top 5 reasons why Bitfxt is the Best Exchange to trade in 2020

Bitfxt Exchange is the marketplace for trading cryptocurrencies and is the fastest growing tech company in Africa. There are many benefits of trading on Bitfxt which include, fast withdrawals, lowest transaction fee, lowest coin listing charges, a very rewarding affiliate program and solid international partnerships. Read about why Bitfxt is focused on enriching Africa through digital services. 

Why trade with Bitfxt? 

When traders choose which exchange to trade, they are looking for optimal trading conditions with the best chance of making profit. There are many reasons to choose Bitfxt as your no. 1 trading platform, but we are going to focus on the top five benefits of trading with Bitfxt. 

  1. Fast withdrawals: On Bitfxt, it takes 5 - 10 minutes to process a withdrawal request. Users should not have to wait for days before their withdrawal is approved. All transactions instantly reflect on the user wallets almost as soon as they are made.

  2. Lowest transaction fee: The fact still remains, no one likes to be overcharged when making any transaction. Bitfxt Exchange has the lowest transaction fee you can find anywhere. Basically, withdrawal for an account that has completed all three KYC steps pay a fee of 180 naira and those without all levels of verification are charged 200 naira. Withdrawal charges depend on the cryptocurrency. For example, withdrawal for BTC is $3 while ETH is less than $1. Visit this post to read the full details of our transaction charges. All deposits are FREE on the exchange. Bitfxt exchange DOES NOT charge for deposits of any currency. 

  3. Low coin listing charges: Follow this link to read about our coin listing charges, criteria for listing and procedures for payment. Click here. 

  4. A very rewarding affiliate program: After completing KYC, you can proceed to be a part of a reward system that actually pays. Refer friends using your unique referral link and earn commission on every trade they successfully make up to 50% for life! Earn 2000 Satoshi on every unique referral. Visit the affiliate page to get started. 

  5. Solid international partnerships: One more reason to choose Bitfxt is the solid partnerships we have been able to build over the years. Bitfxt is partnered with a number of liquidity providers and Market Makers to make trading experience excellent and yield high trading volumes.  

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