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Transcript: Bitfxt's AMA section with the CEO of NIMEDIX Ecosystem and the Bitfxt Community

The Bitfxt community was thrilled to have Ochoche Ubenyi, the CEO of NIMEDIX Ecosystem as a guest during the AMA held LIVE on Zoom. It was a highly interactive section that borders around the entire idea behind NIMEDIX, the mission, vision for Nigeria, the technology behind the project and upcoming IEO of the NiM coin. 

The interaction was segmented in two stages. The first was a question and answer section between the Host and CEO of Bitfxt, Franklin Peters and the guest, Ochoche Ubenyi, while the second section was an avenue for the Bitfxt community to engage the guest with questions. 

Below are some of the questions asked as well as the responses received. 

First Section: Franklin Peters (Host) vs. Ochoche Ubenyi (Guest) 

Question: Hello, Mr. Ochoche. You're welcome. Tell us a bit about yourself 

Answer: Thank you very much. My name is Ochoche Ubenyi. I am from Benue state Nigeria, a medical intern of the Benue state teaching hospital. I am studying to become a doctor of medicine and surgery. I am also the founder of NIMEDIX Ecosystems. 

Question: How do you feel about being on the hot seat this evening? 

Answer: I do not view this AMA as a hot seat rather an opportunity to enlighten young people and investors on how we intend to leverage technology to better Healthcare in Nigeria and what we have been doing. 

Question: Why NIMEDIX?

Answer: There are challenges we have in Nigeria that are not peculiar to Nigeria but the impact is huge on Nigeria. I will just cut my answer short by saying, "Why not NIMEDIX?". NIMEDIX is a broad concept that is in line with what the world is saying today which is Collaboration. NIMEDIX is an opportunity to collaborate and connect with every single document when it comes to unemployment, making health better, and a whole lot. So,  why not NIMEDIX?. 

Question: Who are the people behind NIMEDIX? 

Answer: On our website, when you visit the Team profile, you would see the core team members who are a team of respectable people who are skilled in the field of business relations, writing, technology and data science.

Question: Can you give us a rundown of some of your partners? 

Answer: We have Bitfxt Technology Ltd, BurstIQ and another partner who I don't want to mention just yet. BurstIQ is in charge of the Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain while the Robotics Process Automation company will be disclosed as we move on. 

Question: There are lots of hospitals out there so what's unique about NIMEDIX? What is NIMEDIX going to bring into the medical system and how is Blockchain going to aid you to achieve what you want to achieve? 

Answer: Issues like Procurement Fraud will be minimised using Blockchain. Individuals who are given funds by the government will not be able to siphon funds that are meant for healthcare and cover it up. That is why, when Covid19 pandemic came, we realised that we don't even have Ventilators. So, when I saw all these lapses, rather than sit back and complain, we had to fill in the gaps. That is what we are doing with the Blockchain.

In the second section, the Bitfxt community and all those in attendance were given an opportunity to ask their questions. 

First Question: What made you start this career?

Answer: I started my journey 18 years ago. I've always wanted to be a doctor. After my elder brother passed away from a preventable/treatable disease during a strike action by the doctors in Nigeria, I determined that even if I was 99 years old, I was going to write Jamb and become a doctor to help people. Soon after this, I lost my father just before medical school also from a treatable disease. My uncle picked me up and trained me in medical school but unfortunately, his wife passed away and mid way into medical school, my uncle and benefactor also passed away. Now, I can see in retrospect that a lot of the challenges are around healthcare. The system is just bad. The A students of medical school leave the country immediately after graduation because the country cannot cater for them. So, in my career, I am looking to affect 60 million lives instead of 60,000 lives powered by blockchain technology. 

Final words

It was a highly insightful AMA session with our guest, which enlightened the community on the plans of NIMEDIX Ecosystem and their efforts to ensure that the Healthcare system in Nigeria experiences a significant positive turnaround. This AMA opened the door to several opportunities including the possibility of growth and income generation for medical students and practitioners.

For more insightful questions and analysis, please watch the full video HERE

Thank you for coming and have a lovely weekend.


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