Oct 08


Bitfxt Smart Drop Feature

Ever wondered how you could get more cryptocurrency? Or perhaps how you could accumulate more coins?

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have sparked global interest and grown wide spread popularity. Cryptocurrencies are creating a revolutionin how payments are made, by shifting power from institutions to the people. Their distinct qualities which make them different from traditional fiat currencies, enable users to make cheaper and faster transactions.

Cryptocurrencies also foster equality by giving everyone a chance to access financial services. And with technological advancements which have influenced how work is done around the world, people are leaning towards the idea of earning passive income through cryptocurrencies, especially inorder to gain financial freedom.

Bitfxt has renewed its commitment to ensuring that its users gain financial freedom by implementing the long awaited feature called Smart Drop. The smartdrop feature which uses the Proof Of Stake(POS) algorithm, enables you to earn rewards according to the amount of coins or cryptocurrency that you have. Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network. Now you can earn more coins on a regular basis. The smart drop feature allows every user to benefit from profit sharing. When a user holds a certain amount of cryptocurrency, they will automatically receive coins as reward for staking.

The smart drop feature is open to all users and supports everycryptocurrency listed on the exchange. The requirements to be a part of the reward system will be updated and will be rotational everymonth. This is in order to ensure that everyone gets a chance to be apart of the system, irrespective of what coins they hold or the amount of coins they possess. Announcements for there quirements will be posted on the Bitfxt blog every month and sent to users' emails inorder to keep everyone updated. Advantages of the smart drop feature include the fact that you can earn rewards without going through the complex process of setting up nodes. You also do not need to worry about minimum staking amounts or time lengths as the requirements are dynamic and change each month. Also, Bitfxt will work with projects to ensure that you get the best rewards during the process of staking. So all that you need to do is just to have some of your coins on our exchange and earn.

At Bitfxt, our philosophy is simple-creating solutions which truly work, and which will enable our users gain financial freedom. We want our users to earn mouth watering rewards, hence we bring the concept of profit sharing into play.





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