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Bitfxt Monthly Newsletter - July Edition

Welcome to July edition of the monthly newsletter for Bitfxt Technology. We are excited to give our community a brief, retrospective review of our activities and milestones in the past month.

The month of July was an amazing one for the African and Global community. We first discussed the planned hedging of BXTC with BPY coin which led to an AMA opportunity for the B's. The hedging announcement was soon after followed by the IEO launch of the NiM token. We will briefly share more details on that in this newsletter, as well as a lot of other things.

Here’s a brief summary of some important events and achievements that took place in the month of July. 


Hedging of BXTC with BPY coin

We'll kick off with the most exciting news of last month. In our bid to provide a scalable and usable solution that will bring more value to our amazing community in the areas of micro payments, crypto backed loans, remittance, crypto savings, utility payments and so much more, we realized that it couldn't be achieved through the vault hence, the decision to hedge the BXTC token. Boundlesspay coin (BPY) as a stable coin, ensures that your earnings are safe and stable for you.

All existing BXTC can be swapped to BPY and hedged at the average purchased price of BXTC. Read more about it HERE

Bitfxt AMA section with Franklin Peters

The announcement of BXTC hedging paved the way for an interesting AMA with the CEO; Franklin Peters who took time to ensure that his dear community totally understood the idea behind the hedging and other plans he had in store for the B's. 

It was revealed that Boundlesspay is focused on Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and is in partnership with a renowned bank in Nigeria. This turns your Boundlesspay account into a bank account where you can send and receive money from anywhere in the world, instantly.  Read more


In this newsletter, Franklin Peters on behalf of the entire Bitfxt Technology team announced that Bitfxt has officially pulled out of the funding deal and partnership with Pay It Up clearing house UK and any of her subsidiaries, and are still open to funding, partnerships and collaborations. Full details.

Bitfxt introduces BOUNDLESS PAY to Africa

Another spectacular event took place in the month of July. This was the official introduction of the Boundlesspay platform which will be officially launched at a later date yet to be announced.

Boundlesspay is a secure application that turns a user’s cell phone into a mobile bank. Its pre-installed digital wallet and debit card enables storing and spending of digital currencies across merchants globally. In addition, users can conveniently access crypto loans, pay for their utilities, and invest in digital currency.

Read more about this innovative solution HERE.

Bitfxt lists DigiByte (DGB)  

Yet another milestone achievement for both the DigiByte Ecosystem and Bitfxt Exchange. On the 8th of July, the Bitfxt team was pleased to announce yet another great project joining the catalog of cryptocurrencies on our trading platform. DigiByte (DGB) was officially listed on our exchange with supported trading pairs that includes DGB/BPY, DGB/NGN and DGB/BTC.

DigiByte is a rapidly growing open-source blockchain that can be used for digital assets, smart contracts, decentralized applications and secure authentication. Full details of the listing  can be found HERE.

AMA section between the CEO of NIMEDIX Ecosystem and the Bitfxt Community

In preparation for the coming IEO, Bitfxt Technology Ltd hosted an AMA section with the CEO of NIMEDIX Ecosystem to further educate and promote the NiM token and enlighten users on how to best utilize the healthcare industry to make profit. 

Using Blockchain and AI technology, NIMEDIX has found a way to make healthcare efficient, more accessible and affordable. The CEO in the person of Ochoche Ubenyi encouraged attendees and the general public to participate in the IEO which by the time of writing this publication, has already begun. Here are reasons to participate and Here is a direct link to the ongoing IEO. 

Featured Blog: Crypto in Africa and the Nigerian Region

Cryptocurrencies are gradually penetrating all corners of the world. The quest for mass adoption is gaining strongly over fiat with massive support from the African continent. Countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana have been leading the way on the African front. Explained in this article, are ways Africa will profit from Cryptocurrency. Read all about it here

Featured Blog: How To Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency From Your Bank Account

There are mouthwatering benefits of trading on Bitfxt which include, fast withdrawals, low transaction fee, low coin-listing charges, a very rewarding affiliate program and solid international partnerships.

With an optimal trading condition, this blog post analyses the process involved in Buying and Selling cryptocurrencies directly from your bank account. Take a look.

Featured Blog: What is

Bitfxt is the exchange of the future and the fastest growing tech company in Africa. It is the marketplace for trading cryptocurrencies. Crypto investors from anywhere in the world can conveniently trade their cryptocurrency in a fast, secure and affordable exchange.

To know more about Bitfxt, you'd find this article helpful in the course of your research. Click here

PRESS RELEASE: Important Update On Our Transaction Charges

To sum up this month's update, the Bitfxt team addressed an important issue that affected the comfort and ease of trade experienced by her users. An issue brought upon exchanges by the ethereum blockchain network.

Over the past one week, the ethereum blockchain has experienced some issues which affected transactions across the ethereum blockchain networks. Issues like transaction hash not found on etherscan, high transaction fees and transactions taking too long to be completed were reported. In response to this, we paid exorbitant fees to ensure the transactions of our users were processed timely and accurately. Unfortunately, this action came with serious implications which affected the financial system of the company. Click here to see how we have been able to solve this problem. 



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