Oct 10


My trip with Bitfxt Cryptocurrency ATM card

It was on the 29th of september, 2019. Prior to that time, i already knew my Aunt’s wedding was dated for 0ctober 5th, and i was supposed to be one of the men in suit for the event, which means that i was never meant to be found missing in the wedding celebration. One thing led to another and on this day i had no cash. Here i am in the North Central part of Nigeria, in the City of Lafia, trying to navigate my way down to Lagos, with no cash. Funny enough i was supposed to be in Lagos on that same day, therefore travelling by road was not an option. Since Lafia has no air terminal, i decided to seek out a route to get to the next closer city with an air terminal, Abuja and book a flight to lagos from there. All my plans will come to fail me because i had no cash with me.

Immediately i remembered i had a cryptocurrency deposit in my wallet, and it would take me a whole lot of time to withdraw and convert to fiat before commencing on my journey, but i didn't have time for all these. I picked up my phone and longed into Bitfxt Exchange, then i remembered i had registered for their boundlesspay platform, applied for the Card and received it. Immediately, i logged onto wallet i had funds in and withdrew my funds straight to my Bitfxt Wallet, it was my first time going to try something like this, of course i was very skeptical, even while making the transactions. As soon as the funds reflected on my Bitfxt Wallet, i did my first trial by funding my card on the boundlesspay and immediately my card was funded and i took my first try at a nearby ATM Machine, and suprisingly, i withdrew cash from the ATM! It was unbelievable! I was glimmering with smiles and overbound with Joy all over me, like someone who just hit the jackpot!, of course i hit the jackpot in my finances.

At that point i no longer needed to worry about cryptocurrency conversions to fiat and vice versa, i will allow Bitfxt do the Job for me, i no longer need to carry cash around any where i go, with Bitfxt Prepaid Card, all my problems are over. As someone who loves to try out everything, i went ahead to use the platform for different payments and each of them were very seamless and fast, i pay my electricity bills with Bitfxt, Sent Data Subscription to my Aunt as compensation for my lateness with Bitfxt BoundlessPay Platform, Paid for my Flight To Lagos by Withdrawing Cash from my Crypto Wallet using Bitfxt Prepaid Card, and also Upgraded my Netflix Subscription using Bitfxt Cryptocurrency ATM Card.

After the Wedding, we decided to go on a family picnic, Some of my cousins were around, and we decided to get some pizza at Domino’s, i could see the suprise on the faces of the attendants when i pulled out my Bitfxt Card and asked them to debit me from there. I felt like i was on top of the world.

On  7th October 2019, i travellled back to Abuja and then to Lafia, i had no worries within me, My Bitfxt Card delivered as expected, all i needed to pay for was settled using my Bitfxt cryptocurrency ATM Card.

I have experienced first hand, what innovation and ingenuity can bring to a particular civilization and people, i want to thank the entire Bitfxt Team for bringing this amazing payment solution down to the people of Africa and Nigeria, God Bless Bitfxt.







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