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How to open a support ticket on Bitfxt

A support ticket is basically designed to offer support and assistance to the end-users of a product or service. It is an important feature that enables users to make enquiry, request for assistance or make a complaint about an issue they are facing on the platform. Bitfxt Exchange has made provision for an active support team that works round the clock to attend to queries and enquiries. In this post, we will be teaching you the importance of a support team why you should use this medium to state your case and how to open a support ticket. 

What is a Support Ticket and Why Does it Matter? 

The term “support ticket” describes the interaction between a customer and a service representative. It is the basic element of any customer experience related job—allowing our company to create, update, and hopefully resolve any issues that you; our end-users might have. Tickets can come through a variety of channels such as social media, live chat or instant messaging, email, or the customer support portal that we have set up on our company’s website. Good support can greatly improve customer satisfaction and is crucial in maintaining brand loyalty. This is why providing unmatched support is our goal. 

How to open a support ticket on Bitfxt

  1. First, don’t panic. 

Remain calm while writing your support ticket.  You might find this piece of advice silly, but staying calm helps you to explain your issue in a systematic manner. When you do, it also allows us to solve the problem as efficiently as possible.

  1. Log in to your Bitfxt account or CLICK HERE

  2. Go to the MENU bar and Select “Support” from the options

  3. Click on “Create Ticket”

  4. Click on “Select Category” to select the category your query falls in. Be sure to select correctly, the category that best identifies the nature of your problem. This allows us to route your ticket to our team members who specialize in this.

  5. Next, fill in the “Subject”. 

This stage is more important than it looks. Your Subject must be concise. For example, which one of these two do you think will be considered first: 

A. Need help!!!! 

B. Please help! I got charged an excess fee

Without a doubt, user B is the best. Both subject lines show a sense of urgency, but the subject line from user B also reveals the context of the message which qualifies him for a quicker response.

  1. Add a detailed “Description”. 

Give a full description of your problem. This is the meat of your support ticket. We can’t stress this enough. The more details in your support ticket, the better we can help.

You see, a lot of people want help but fail to include the necessary information needed to make the rest of the process seamless. We may not need every single detail, but we definitely need you to include the right ones.

Here’s what a detailed and honest description should include:

  • Brief introduction of yourself - It really helps to know who we’re dealing with. Be sure to include your full name and email address that’s connected to your account. 

  • Your end goal - What did you want to accomplish before the issue happened? An example would be, “I was about to [end goal] when [problem]...”

  • Technical details - Basic details include the web address or URL where the error occurred, the device you used, your operating system and browser version (latest or outdated).

  • Time and frequency of the issue - Your issue may have happened in the morning, evening, and it may have happened more than once. We have logs, so make sure to specify the time it first occurred and if the issue persisted. 

  • Whether you tried to fix the issue - If you took the initiative to troubleshoot the problem, what steps did you take? Did you try on a different computer, mobile, browser, or try the app to see if it works? What was the result?

  1. If you have an image proof of the issue, click on “Choose File” to upload the image. Note: Upload formats are: jpeg, jpg, png and pdf.

  2. Finally, click on the “Submit” button

  3. Next thing is to wait for the support team to respond to you. Another option is to join our telegram community and send your ticket ID as a Private Message to any of the Admins. In a few minutes, your issue will be resolved.

Additional Tips to Remember

  • Keep your issue in support. Don’t repost it all over our social media platforms. It’s dangerous and will most possibly be swallowed up by the pool of comments, this way, we won’t be able to find it.

  • It’s fine to reach out after 24 hours via Private message to ensure we are working on it or at least, you are on the queue. 

  • Don’t create more than 1 ticket for the same issue. 



It’s easy to blame service providers for a bad experience -- and as a service provider, we understand where you’re coming from. Truth is, we’re thankful that you chose us and that motivates us to be the best.

However, to be the best in solving your problem, we also need you to help us by writing a good support ticket. Remember that we’re humans too. Let’s keep our communication proactive and positive. 

Thank you for choosing Bitfxt!. 



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